Direct Internet Services (DIA)

Running web-based applications efficiently and consistently requires a premium service that supports applications vital to your business. SpeedNet provides Direct Internet Access (DIA) as a premium service that will complement your company with the best possible solution to have online access for your business needs in real-time. Our solution ensures to give you a personalised, on-demand internet access with maximum efficiency to optimise your business above its needs. When it comes to connectivity speed and network performance, we do not leave room for anything less than premium!

Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IPVPN)

SpeedNet Managed IPVPN creates a managed private network that enables fast, reliable and highly secured communications between multiple locations worldwide. This creates an integrated network that will support almost any business applications available today.

Our service offers come in multiple speed and various access interface which are scalable and flexible. We offer the highest levels of performance, reliability, service and value for money. Advantages of this service include High Security, Network Flexibility, Bandwidth Scalability, Performance guarantee, Global Coverage, Round-the-clock Support and Quick Deployment.

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) is a framework of open standards to ensure private and secure communications over IP networks. SpeedNet provides the services for the suite of cryptography-based protection services and security protocols, which can easily be deployed over your business’ already existing network! Setting up a secure virtual subnetwork within an organization for sensitive applications is beneficial for your business, as IPSec services are considered distinct, but is all supported in a uniform manner covering: access control, connectionless integrity, data origin authentication, replay protection, and confidentiality (encryption).


SpeedNet simplifies business connectivity solutions with our range of Broadband packages personalised to suit your company. Guaranteed to deliver high speed internet via fiber, with a trusted data plan for exceptional internet surfing for all your business communication needs, SpeedNet Broadband packages promises value-for-money with our cost-effective internet service. Have your business run fast with an internet that never stops - partner with SpeedNet and enable your company to meet the most of your communication demands.