Giving you access that
makes anything possible

SpeedNet wholesale solutions offer a comprehensive suite of domestic and global connectivity, with a strong fibre optic network backbone providing limitless capacity – scalable and flexible enough to be personalised to you and your customers’ demands.

Open Access

Open Access Network is a network that is open for everyone to use, regardless of demographics – SpeedNet offers open access solutions for all, from those living in rural communities to large corporations in the heart of the city. With cost effective and high-speed quality broadband service available to every sector of society. With an open access network, it is designed to have wholesale access provided to electronic communications network infrastructures or services on terms that are reasonable, effective, cost-efficient, and transparent.


SpeedNet offers wholesale connectivity at competitive rates for internet service providers as well as telco providers, allowing them to provide their clients with the performance and reliability of high-speed and fully-managed internet connectivity. With a range of connectivity services like DIA, IPVPN, IPSec, and others, we utilise the combined purchasing power of all participants to deliver a low-cost solution amidst the competitive market. Giving you access to the best connectivity for you and your customers, partner with us to see how you can develop a wholesale connectivity solution with SpeedNet!